Thames & Kosmos - Intro To Robot Design - Robotics Workshop


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This advanced robotics kit offers a comprehensive introduction into robot design. Control 10 functional models and program them with a drag-and-drop visual programming app on your iOS or Android tablet.

Build and program robots with this complete robotics engineering system. Using sensors, motors, a core controller, and hundreds of snap-together building pieces, you can follow the instructions to assemble ten different robots. The versatile parts also allow you to make robots according to your own designs. This fun robotics curriculum starts out with instructions for building simple robots, teaching you how the sensors can be used to control the robots. Build an ultrasound robot that can avoid obstacles, a drawing robot, and a touch sensor robot. Move on to more complex robots that have multiple functions, such as a ball-shooting robot, a crawling robot, and a grabbing robot. Build a robotic arm that can pick up objects, a butler robot, a robot that will turn toward a light source, and a cool scorpion robot. After you have mastered all of the robotic models in the instructions, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to go on and build and program your own amazing robotic creations. The robots can be controlled directly in realtime and programmed to perform series of commands using an easy-to-use, free downloadable app on iOS or Android® tablets and Windows PCs.  Ages:  10 years+

  • Build and program dozens of robots with this complete robotics engineering system
  • Command your models to perform various tasks and actions in realtime using an easy-to-use app that uses Google Blockly
  • Follow the assembly instructions for 8 devices and machines
  • Combine over 300 reconfigurable building pieces, sensors (ultrasound, sound, and light), speaker, and motors to create your own unique, programmable creations
  • Requires tablet device with Bluetooth 40 running iOS 8 or later, or Android 50 or later Window desktop or laptop PC with USB 20/30 port and Internet connection required for Desktop app Smartphones not supported.