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Hugglepod Lite Nylon Hanging Chair


Made of tough, durable, and delightfully lightweight nylon, the HugglePod Lite Hanging Chair is the perfect play space for little munchkins! It's also a quiet and comfy place to hide away with a great book, or take a little catnap.

It is snuggly, dreamy, creative, comfortable and portable for moving from room to room or tree to tree. Made of nylon with reinforced hanging strap and edging, it also includes an inflatable seat cushion. Use one of our Heavy Duty Multi-Use Hanging Straps (sold separately) for easy setup outside.

It's the perfect place for kids to snuggle, read, take a nap, or just have some kid-time away from the world!  Pump not included.  Holds up to 175 lbs.  Ages: 4 years+