Bocce Ball Lawn Bowling Game Set

Liven up your backyard or beachside party with the family-favorite, multi-generational classic game of Bocce Ball! Also known as Lawn Bowling, Bocce Ball is  a simple game to learn that all ages and skill levels can enjoy together. A bocce court can be set up just about anywhere. This exclusive set comes with a durable carrying bag so you can take it with you to the park or to the campground. (Tip-leave the cardboard insert inside the carrying bag to easily store bocce balls when not in play-the cardboard helps the bag keep its shape.)

Pick a stretch of level ground for your bocce court (sand works well also). A traditional court measures 76'L x 10'W, but you can adjust the size to accommodate for younger players. One player tosses the smaller target ball (also called a pallino), and each player takes turns tossing or rolling a bocce ball with the goal of getting as close as possible to the pallino. Play one on one, or form teams with an even number of players (two or four on each team is best.) Detailed game play and scoring rules are included.

Includes: eight standard size, high-quality, polyresin bocce balls (four green and four blue), one white pallino ball, and a durable carrying bag.  Ages: 5 years+