Brain Bolt Game


From Educational Insights comes this super fast hand held game of memory, BRAINBOLT. Designed For 1 or 2 players, this blazing fast light up game asks you to follow patterns and press each new light button in sequence. Sound simple? The goal is to remember the sequence, then press the corresponding boxes until you complete the pattern of lights which are displayed in orange, yellow, and green colors. How long can you follow the sequence? Master the solo play then try challenging a friend in head-to-head competition. You also could play in advanced mode. Try a timed play, in the time mode. For ages 7 and up, BRAINBOLT takes 3 AAA batteries (included) and it can be played with or without sound (you're welcome parents). This game promotes memory and hand eye coordination. An instructions guide is included and a screwdriver is needed for battery installation. Ages 6+