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Cardboard Creations For Kids: 50 Fun And Inventive Crafts Using Recycled Materials Paperback Book


Eco-friendly cardboard crafts to make and play with at last, a genius way for you to put all that cardboard lying around the house to good use!  Mailing boxes, paper towel rolls, cereal cartons and more can be transformed into a range of crafts, toys and games that guarantee hours of fun, imaginative playtime.

Blast off in a cardboard Rocket, set up a fun ice cream cart or become royalty in a castle cubby with life-size play structures that will delight your little ones. Let big imaginations run wild with pretend play creations like cool butterfly wings, a handy tool belt or a mini monster truck that's built for jumps and tricks.

Create games that will challenge and engage your kids with projects like a pinball machine, tabletop soccer and cardboard labyrinth. With all of Kathryn's best tips and tricks for sourcing, upcycling and handling cardboard, plus a wide range of inventive projects, this incredible collection is your go-to guide for easy, eco-friendly ways to transform cardboard into crafty creations your kids will love.

Size: 191 pages, 9" x 8" x 1".   Ages:  4 years+  with help from an adult.