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Classic Croquet Set

$75.99 $94.99

This game of precision and accuracy is easy to learn, but challenging to master, which makes it the perfect activity for kids and adults of all skill levels. The concept is simple - propel your wooden ball through each wicket along the course laid out. But perfecting your game requires accuracy, precision, hand-eye coordination, and strategic planning.

 It's easy to set up: just insert wickets and end posts into the ground, and screw the mallet handle into the mallet head. This game can be played with up to six people (as singles, or as teams of two or three). Complete rules of play and course set up included.

Pack it all up in the included carrying bag and take it along with you on vacation or a visit to grandma's house.  

Set includes: six colourful wooden mallets, six coordinating wooden balls, nine wickets, two end posts, and a carrying bag.