Corolle - Paul Drink And Wet Bath Doll


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Paul Drink & Wet Bath Baby is an all-vinyl doll that drinks, wets and loves to take a bath! And because he is anatomically correct, Paul is an excellent potty training aid too.  With its sleeping eyes, it falls asleep when put down on its back.  He is dressed in an undershirt and underpants and comes with his own potty, pacifier, and feeding bottle.

Paul, is the perfect size for a child's little arms - for cuddling, mothering and practicing what grown-ups do when caring for babies.  With his potty, his pacifier and refillable bottle, he is your little potty-training ally!


- anatomically correct 
- drinks from refillable bottle 
- pees in the potty ""for real"" when his tummy is pressed (doesn't leak water all over) 
- Can sit upright in the bath.

Size:  14".  Ages: 2 years+