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Djeco - Little Association Animal Garden Board Game


From rabbits to frogs and garden snails, Djeco’s Little Association Animal Garden Board Game comes filled with colourful, affectionate and funny animals!  Simple rules and game times are adapted to younger children.

This game is a twist on the traditional lotto game. The aim of little association is to be the player holding the most cards. The frog lives in the pond, the cow lives on the farm and the bunny lives in the garden and we lay these pictures in the middle of the table. Take turns turning over the playing cards and the first person to match the playing card to the picture wins the card! So if the first playing card is a carrot then the first person to grab the rabbit from his garden will win that card.

Box size:  21.5 x 21.5 x 5cm.  Includes: 3 animal figures. Players:  2 to 4. Playtime: approx 10 minutes.  Ages: 2- 5 years