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Grimm's - Monochrome Tunnel - Large

$99.99 $124.99

A high-contrast spin on the classic Grimm's rainbow stacker. This beautiful tunnel toy is finished with water-based white and black stains that allow the natural grain of the wood to shine through and maintains a real wood feel for exploratory hands. Extend the twelve pieces to create a tunnel for your cars and trucks, then build to great heights for mountains, cluster together for little fairy homes, or lengthen into roads and bridges. Turn pieces on their side to weave marble tracks and then neatly stack back in order to sit beautifully on the shelf. Full of endless play options, especially when paired with building blocks, this striking tunnel stacking toy encourages coordination, and motor function while embracing imagination and creativity. A gently sanded finish allows the pieces to stack with ease without slipping, to the delight of young and old.

Size:  36cm long, 7cm wide and 17.5cm tall.   Ages 12 monthsqwwwwww+