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iDance Party Mic


Sing along to your favourite music alone or with friends, wherever and whenever you want.  There's always a party with the Party Microphone from iDance.  The microphone has a speaker directly in it.  The audio input and output means you can sing along with several people at the same time!  

You stream the music via Bluetooth to the microphone and sing along to all the songs. You can stream music from Spotify, Deezers, iTunes or any other provider. If you play a song with lyrics on YouTube, you can sing along to the lyrics through the microphone.

Disco lighting in the microphone gives an extra cool effect during your performance. The echo function allows you to add reverberation to your voice for a super fun effect. With the remote button you can skip songs, pause and increase or decrease the volume. The connection with your smart TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone is quickly made thanks to Bluetooth streaming.  

Operates on a built-in battery. Battery life: 2-4 hours.

Includes:  Microphone, USB cable, 1 share cable & manual.

Size:  23 x 8.5 x 6 cm (L x W x D).  Ages:  3 years+