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Kindergarten Write & Re-Use Workbook


Introduce kids to the alphabet, numbers, graphing, early math, and more with a fun, easy way to practice!  Develop fine motor skills too! With this Kindergarten Write & Reuse Workbook kids can write, wipe away, and redo the activities in the book over and over again. Follow the directional arrows to make uppercase and lowercase letters. The wipe-clean marker that is provided is easily cleaned off the durable, glossy, reusable pages.  The wipe-clean format is perfect for helping kids gain confidence and giving them more opportunities to master new concepts and skills. This book lies flat for ease of use and gives kids lots of space for completing activities at their own pace. A sheet of 33 colourful reward stickers will add to the fun. Kids will love having their own special, spiral-bound learning book they can carry with them wherever they go!  Ages:  5-6 years