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Klutz - Mini Clay World Cute Cafe


Batter up! Serve tiny clay waffles fresh off the griddle in your own miniature bakery-café with al fresco dining. Oven-bake clay is perfect for sculpting your favourite sweet treats and adorable animals. Choose from 17 step-by-step projects, including donuts, macarons, croissants, and more! (Don't forget the tiny café cats and bird friends.) Assembling your café is a breeze, and tiny paper craft projects let you box up your clay confections with baker's twine. 32-page book offers step-by-step instructions and clay guides to help your projects match the pictures.

Includes: Custom plastic mini waffle maker, custom plastic spatula, 7 colours of polymer clay, 4 brads, chipboard punch-outs, clear acetate sheet and baker's twine

Ages:  8 years+