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Klutz - Pom Pom Kitties Craft Kit


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Looking for a purr-fect pet? This kit is made especially for cat lovers everywhere. Choose from 7 types of cats to make 3 of your very own feline friends. Use simple colour charts to wrap yarn on the pom-pom maker to make each kitty's head and body. Then, adorn them with captivating cat eyes and custom punch-out collars and tags to complete your litter of paw-sitively awesome kitties. We promise you'll be smitten for your kittens.

Includes: 4 colours of yarn, 1 pom-pom maker, 4 pipe cleaners, 6 mini pom-poms, 3 micro pom-poms, 3 pom-pom noses, 3 pairs of cat eyes, 1 styling comb, Glue, 1 page of punch-out ears, collars, and more.

Size: 51 pages,  9 x 8.1 x 1.8". Ages 8 years+