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Lite-Hawk Rebel Remote Control Vehicle


The Rebel is the first LiteHawk to feature Mecanum wheels! Going from traditional Rubber Tires and wheels to small rollers mounted on a 45 degree angle, creating a smooth Omnidirectional drive letting you effortlessly move in any direction. REBEL is equipped with 4-Wheel Drive to maximize the potential of the Mecanum wheels. REBEL comes standard with a rechargeable on board battery and a 2.4Ghz Channel control system that lets you get into the action without the fear of losing signal. Not to mention there are no set channels, so you can play with multiple R/C's with your friends at the same time! Rechargeable battery for vehicle included. 20 Minute Play Time. Factory Assembled and Ready for action.

Box Size: 10.5 x 8 x 6.5" Ages 6 years+.