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Micro Maxi Scooter


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The Maxi is a high-performance, Swiss-designed scooter for kids ages 5-12 from Micro of Switzerland. Inspired by the success of the Mini, the Maxi is similar in design but features key upgrades for the next age group. Both the Mini and Maxi 's 3-wheeled design feature the unique ‘lean-to-steer’ mechanism, offering the exciting feeling of ‘surfing the sidewalks’! The Maxi takes street surfing to the next level with its adjustable T-bar handle, allowing riders to slalom and carve like never before. The Maxi’s reinforced fiberglass construction provides rugged durability for everyday use while remaining amazingly lightweight. The larger back brake and double-rear wheels add stability and performance. Built specifically for kids ages 5-12, the Maxi carries more than twice the weight limit of the Mini at 50 kg.