Monster Meister Card Game


Yellow and three-eyed??? Help!!! If you bring many of the right monsters into the light of day, you can chase the creepy creatures away from your own front yard. But soon, the monstrous memory aids rush to help the players with weaker memory skills! Monster Meister is a curious memory spectacle in which memory gaps can successfully be closed with more and more new monsters. Each player has a set of 16 monsters. The cards are shuffled and arranged in a 4x4 cards grid face down. Now a task will be revealed, i.e. face up 6 cards of your choice in your grid. Blue monsters will count 2 points while yellow ones count as -1 point. The player that counts the most points that round will loose one of his face up monster cards, while the player with the least points gets one roaming monster (from a pile) in addition. All monsters are flipped back face down. The next task will be revealed. Task after task you will learn which type of monster hides in which position in your grid. After ten task cards, the player with the least number of own monsters will win the game. Players:  2-4.  Playtime:  15 minutes. Ages 7 years+