Murder Most Puzzling: The Missing Will - 500 Piece Puzzle


Shreik!* Brace yourself, there's been...a murder. And it's up to you to solve the crime, piece by piece. Elegance meets a touch of the macabre in these mysterious and absorbing puzzles. Begin by reading the story of the incident. Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, complete the jigsaw. The finished image provides all the clues you need to decipher whodunit.

Uncle Gregory McGough has passed away...or could it have been murder? His will is locked away in a safe. The only problem is no one knows the code. Only the great detective Medea Thorne can deduce the combination and reveal the contents of the will. But every sleuth needs a sidekick. Are you up for the challenge?

Box size: 7" L x 9" W x 2.5" H.  Completed Puzzle size:  15.5" L x 24" W.