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My First Book of French: 800+ Words & Pictures


Introduce your child (or yourself!) to the incredible language of French!  Featuring over 800 first words with bright, bold illustrations, My First Book of French provides each word in English, French, and a romanization that makes pronunciation a breeze.

Readers will also find cultural tips, sample sentences, and simple hints on usage and word choice. An index in the back includes a complete list of all words in the book with handy page references.

With a special emphasis on the culture and customs you'll find in France itself, My First Book of French is divided into sections including People, Personal Pronouns, Courtesy, Geography, Family, Transportation, Science, Sports, Holidays and Festivals, Meals, and more.

Size:  144 pages,  6.25 " x  9.25 .5 inches.  Ages:  7 years+