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Narwhal Waterfall Co-operative Game


This fun game for kids puts team working skills to the test! Narwhal Waterfall is a fun and fast-paced game that encourages keeping a cool head as you work together to get narwhals safely across the river. A moving game board adds extra fun and excitement to this kid’s game as you have to be careful not to tumble down the waterfall!

Cooperative games like Narwhal Waterfall require all players to work together against the game, not against each other. Everyone wins - or loses - together. Peaceable Kingdom's family games cultivate kindness, courage and connection.

Includes: game board with moving river, 5 narwhals, 1 die, 36 swimming cards, 8 special action cards and instructions

Players: 2-5. Playtime: 15 minutes. Ages: 6 years+