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Natural History of Mermaids Hardcover Book


A Natural History of Mermaids is a meticulously detailed field notebook containing all there is to know about the natural history of mermaids from around the world.

In 1872, intrepid explorer Darcy Delamare disguised herself as a man to claim a place on board the scientific expedition of the HMS Challenger. She made a record of her findings on the trip, recounting the extraordinary sea creatures she witnessed: creatures that, until now, nobody had believed really existed... mermaids! 

Children will delight in discovering the anatomy, behaviour and lifecycles of the Merfolk and how they have hidden themselves from human discovery over millennia. Pore over the anatomy of tails, learn how these mysterious creatures communicate and immerse yourself in their underwater world.

Size: 64 pages, 12" x 11".   Ages: 6 years+.