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Playmobil - Duck On Call - Ambulance Emergency Vehicle

$42.40 $52.99

PLAYMOBIL is introducing a new theme world and animated series featuring Ducklas, a cheeky boy trapped in a duck’s body, who leads exciting missions together with his three young friends – a firefighter, policewoman and emergency doctor. The new PLAYMOBIL sets are designed to be full of innovation and offer tons of fun for kids aged 3-5 years.

Special mission for Mikey Medic! Oh no, another accident in Playmoville and a doctor is urgently needed. Fortunately, Mikey with his ambulance emergency vehicle is perfectly equipped for any emergency. All patients are immediately examined on the stretcher. Mikey is simply the best! The set contains the PLAYMOBIL D*O*C* figures Mikey Medic and Ducklas, an ambulance emergency vehicle with innovative tilt steering plus a fold-out treatment room.

Figures: 1 Ducklas, 1 Mikey Medic, 1 child patient; Accessories: 1 emergency doctor car with light and sound module, 1 container, 1 rescue stretcher with mobile base, 1 cabinet door, 1 first aid kit, 1 hose, 1 breathing mask, 1 band-aid sheet

Dimensions: 11.2 x 7.4 x 4.9 in (LxDxH) Ages: 3 years+