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Playmobil - Duck On Call - Police Truck

$62.49 $124.99

Alarm for the police! As soon as a crook is spotted in Playmoville, Polly is on the scene with her cool police truck. From the mission control center inside, Ducklas manages to track down the troublemaker with ease. With the net gun Ducklas catches him for good. Now it's off to the prison cell. But what is it? The villain is tampering with the barred door! He manages to escape again... But Ducklas and Polly are a great team and catch the escapee again in no time. No one escapes this duo! The set features the PLAYMOBIL D*O*C* heroes Ducklas and Polly Police, a large police truck with prison cell (including escape option), operation monitoring center plus net gun.

Figures: 1 Ducklas, 1 Polly Police, 1 villain; Accessories: 1 police truck with light and sound module and hinged container including jail cell with removable back wall, winch, command post and net gun plus net, 1 ladder, 1 swivel seat, 1 index card, 1 radio, 1 torch, 1 bunch of keys, 1 microphone, 1 spray can

Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 5.8 in (L x D x H)  Ages: 3 - 5 years+