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Playmobil - Vegetable Garden With Grandparents


This set features grandparents and a grandchild, along with a piglet and a puppy. Watch as the flowers "grow" when the bed is filled with water, plant new seedlings on the planting table, and cultivate mushrooms in the wooden box.

Includes: woman, man, girl, piglet;, camping chair, fence, children's table, picnic basket, crate, spray bottle, watering can, bucket, sand toy, flower pots, knife, 2 hoes, branch fork, bed; 4 turnips and turnip greens, 1 toadstool 3-pcs, flour bag, ice pack, 4 flowers, 2 foliage, 2 dab flowers, 3 leaves attachable, 2 bouquet flowers.

Size:  10" x 3" x 7.5".  Ages: 4 years+