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Pop 'N' Catch Ball Game


5The Geospace Pop 'n' Catch Double Set is a launch and catch game that includes two hand-held launch/catch baskets and one ball. The game can be played by two people, launching the ball back and forth. Completely waterproof materials makes this game suitable for play in or near water. Two people can aim the launchers toward each other and play catch. When the ball is in the launch basket, the player aims, then clicks the "Pop" trigger with his/her thumb, which launches the ball into the air. The second player then attempts to catch the ball in his/her basket before launching it back. A single player can also play catch on his/her own, popping the ball straight up, then catching it. 

Box size: 5.4" x 8.75" x 5.6".  Ages 5 years+.