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Ravensburger 300 XXL Piece Puzzle - Minecraft Cutaway


Peel back the layers, peek into the “Minecraft: Cutaway” puzzle and journey to the Nether!

Mine your way beneath the surface and help Steve and Alex uncover the Nether portal, your gateway to multiple biomes! Our cutaway view gives you a look inside the depths of Minecraft, the world’s best-selling video game, where you can create a Nether portal with 14 blocks of obsidian, flint and steel.

A creative, thoughtful gift for any fan of the game. The Minecraft world, and this Ravensburger-exclusive puzzle, are yours for the making — just watch out for the zombies and creepers!

Ravensburger makes the world's highest quality puzzles! All Ravensburger puzzles are made from the highest quality and thickest green Kappa cardboard available. Ravensburger uses the finest structured paper so the pieces last and have an attractive matte finish which makes them easy to see and handle. These puzzles are cut with hand made dies to ensure that all pieces are fully interlocking.

Size: 49 x 36 cm. Ages: 9 years+