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Hammock - Rockin 2-in-1

$24.99 $249.99

Combine the fun of a seesaw with the comfort of a hammock for the best spot in the yard. This Rockin' 2-in-1 Hammock™ offers ample room for one—or two—kid(s) to rock up and down, or just relax in comfort.

It's much more fun than an ordinary hammock, with specially designed, curving steel rockers that offer a cool gliding ride, and rubber stoppers on the bottom of the rockers offering additional safety. Hammock is made of thick, colourful Teslin mesh. Simply lengthen or shorten the support ropes at each end to create the correct weight balance for the number of kids. Let the good times rock and roll with this boatload of fun!

Adult assembly required. Holds up to 300 lbs.  Size:  Approx. 10¾'L x 4'W

Ages: 6 years+

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