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Search And Find Paperback Activity Book: Wild Animals, Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures


Kids can go on a spotting safari to discover all their favourite wild animals, from tigers and elephants to foxes and owls - and even dinosaurs!

Wonderfully illustrated in full-colour this book is filled with 150 beautifully detailed scenes, including underwater coral reefs, jungle canopies and rock pools. Kids can solve tricky hidden pictures puzzles, complete colouring tasks and more.

Activities include
• Counting the woodpeckers that have grub in their beak
• Finding the sloth with a flower in its hair
• Colouring the striped coral red
• Spotting three Triceratops with pink stripes

Not only are these activities fun - they will also help children with their pen control, counting skills and knowledge of the animal kingdom. 

Size:  176 pages, 22.23 x 1.91 x 25.4 cm.  Ages:  4 years+