Slackers - Ninjaline with 7 Hanging Obstacles


Train like a Ninja with our patented 36 foot Slackers NinjaLine Intro Kit and 7 Hanging Obstacles. The 36 foot Ninjaline includes 14 double-sewn durable pockets to customize the arrangement of obstacles as well as add on additional ones like a Ninja Net or Climbing Rope. Easy installation and take down means that you can take your training with you to the park, to a friend’s house, or wherever you want to train. The kit includes a sturdy carrying bag for easy portability and storage.

Max weight: 250 lbs. Ninjaline is 30’ x 2” with a 6’ ratchet system The exclusive reinforced ratchet is made of blue powder coated steel with a rubberized comfort handle Obstacles included are 2 10" x 2.5" nylon rope knots, 2 16" steel Monkey Bar holds, 2 steel gym rings with ABS textured finish and 1 traverse ring. All obstacles include 6,000 pound steel hanging delta safety clips and use either, UV resistant nylon rope with safety buckle attachment, or UV resistant webbing strap.  Ages: 5 years+