Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks - Future - Circuit Racer


The future is coming, and it's rolling silently and swiftly. Meet the Tegu Circuit Racer, the electric car of tomorrow made with Tegu award winning magnetic blocks. Complete with a charging station and magnetic plug, this aerodynamic runabout can go from zero to fun in 3 seconds and is adaptable to any situation, big or small. Oh, and unlike any other vehicle, it runs on a totally renewable, endless power supply: your imagination. Includes: 12 pieces in 7 shapes: 2 long planks, 2 short planks, 4 wheels, 1 charging station, 1 charging plug, 1 circuit racer front, and 1 circuit racer rear and inspiration manual. Fully compatible with all other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks. Ages 3 years+