Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks - Stunt Team - Daredevil


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Zoom! There goes Daredevil! A super speedy Tegu stunt team member who loves a challenge. 4 magnetic wheels allow you to create a host of different racing cars. Comes with12 blocks in 6 shapes, and compatible with the entire Tegu range.

Race all day with the Tegu daredevil stunt kit. From drag car racing to rally driving, the possibilities are endless, but it's always life in the fast lane when Daredevil is around. Your child will love making this speedster zoom around a race track, and if it crashes, then it's time to think up another exciting design. Of course, this set is not just confined to vehicle-based designs, anything goes from rockets to animals to helping complete your child's story for the day.

The combination of problem solving, design and creativity make this a brilliant open-ended toy for all ages. Younger children can develop their fine motor skills and spatial awareness simply by attaching the magnetic wheels to the chassis, while older children become fascinated by engineering - all at their own pace through play.

A slick combination of red, blue and natural wood is used to create each individual member of the Tegu stunt team, though you can easily change this look by swapping with other pieces of your Tegu collection. Water-based, non-toxic lacquers are used to paint the hard wood, ensuring this Daredevil set remains as durable and tactile as your classic wooden vehicles.

Ages 3 years+