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Tender Leaf - Rosewood Cottage


With a rose coloured gabled roof, opening front doors and a removable back panel, this little house can be carried and played with anywhere. Tuck Bud up in his leafy fabric bed, or push Corny on the swing while mummy Flora and Daddy Joey watch the stars go by. 

Decorated on all sides with beautiful wild flowers, and two cut out windows which allow the flower stems to run through creating a magical woodland meadow. Back panel lies flat to become a garden, on to which can be placed a pretty swing, flowers and a toadstool lamp and side table. 

Made of renewable rubberwood and TSCA Title VI compliant plywood. Painted with non-toxic, water-based paint.

Includes:  4 figures, a wood burning stove, flower table, 2 button stools, a toadstool lamp and  side table. 

Size:  16.54″ x 15.75″ x 12.2”.  Ages: 3 years +