Thames & Kosmos - Magic Kit - Gold Edition


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With this extensive collection of magic props, you can easily learn, practice, and perform 150 incredible magic tricks and illusions. Astonish your audiences by commanding a variety of objects like cups and balls, rope, dice, plastic and metal rings, balls, coins, a magic wand to defy the laws of physics! Command them appear, disappear, teleport, levitate, multiply, change colours and much more. Mystify onlookers with tricks food and household objects such as water levitates, citrus fruits, toothpicks, salt and sugar. Magically guess birthdays, numbers, and colours. Levitate yourself and objects. Master dozens of tricks with playing cards: guessing, transforming, locating, and making cards vanish. A 96-page instruction manual with colour photographs illustrates how the tricks are performed. Video tutorials for the tricks are available online. Box size:  14.1 x 10.1 x 3 in.  Ages: 8 years+