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Tutti Frutti Scented Modelling Dough - Construction Kit


Create your own building site with this Tutti Frutti - Construction Kit, and with the help of the various molds: the excavator, the concrete mixer, the tractor, etc  Decorate it with the three colours you can mix to make fun colourful combinations.

The set is perfect to play alone but also with friends.The Tutti Frutti modeling dough is easy and pleasant to use in addition to being non-toxic and rehydratable for endless fun!  Made in Canada. 


  • Modeling dough can be re-hydrated
  • Safe, non-toxic and natural
  • Helps dexterity development
  • Tutti Frutti™ reinvents traditional modelling dough by offering your children not only a colourful visual and tactile experience, but one that talks to their noses with exciting fruity scents.

Unlike other modelling dough, Tutti Frutti is rehydratable, non-sticky, non-flaky and made with non-toxic ingredients. With its mixable colours, its malleable texture and its different scents, the Tutti Frutti modelling dough is fun and stimulating!

Ages:  3 years+