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100 First Words For Little Canadians - Hard Cover Book


We can see the aurora borealis from the backyard and the Rockies from the front porch. We can always go for pancakes and maple syrup or some ketchup chips. And we'll watch the Stanley Cup playoffs no matter who's playing!  We're Canadians, through and through. But what about the baby, eh?

And all these words would be familiar to Canadians, and yet, those from outside will just scratch their collective heads. For example, do you know what a mukluk is? If I asked you to get me a ooloo would you know what you were looking for? Have you any idea what bannock is? Do you know how to portage? Have you put on your toque and your bunny hug? How many klicks away from town are you?

Packed with hilarious illustrations and 100 words every Canadian baby should know (before any others, of course),100 First Words for Little Canadians is the perfect board book for families who call Canada home.

Size:  20 pages, 7.86 X 6.01 X 0.66 in.