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Calico Critters - Fennec Fox Twins


The Fennec Fox Twins are active little babies waiting to be picked up and played with. Tara and Rocco come with a stroller shaped like a vehicle (styles may vary) that they love to scoot around with. They come dressed in colourful jumpers and have soft flocked creamy golden fur with big pointy fox ears. The heads are posable and clothing is removable.  Fun on their own or when paired with other sets (sold separately).  

Calico Critters have been around since 1985 and they are as wholesome as ever. We love Calico Critters for boosting emotional intelligence through imaginative play. These mini furry friends get your children exploring different families, hobbies, and jobs within the incredibly detailed world of Calico Village. Each family set includes a charming backstory of the characters printed on the box. 

includes: 2 baby fennec fox figures and stroller.  Ages:  3 years+