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Calico Critters - Persian Cat Family


Father Lucas is a dancer who's the talk of the town. He's worried about keeping in shape, so he drinks an original homemade smoothie every morning. He often checks himself out whenever he sees his reflection or in places with mirrors, and he often makes the family late. He likes gossiping about current trends with the ladies around town. Mother, Dawn knows a lot about the constellations, and won't stop talking about them once you get her started. Her children have also started to learn, and they ask her many questions, so she studies star charts at night. Sister Lyre likes tinkering with machines, and is very interested in the piano and other musical instruments that her father dances to. She's currently fascinated by how the elevator in their home works. She's usually quiet, but talks a lot when she's with her twin sister. Sister Skye likes the natural sciences, like studying about weather and minerals, and her dream is to be a researcher someday. Each day she makes note of the sky, and checks the weathervane on their house so she can tell the family her weather forecast. The thing she wants the most right now is a lab coat.
Includes: 4 figures, Adult figures:  3" tall and children: 2.25" tall.  Ages: 3 years+