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Calico Critters - Fennec Fox Sister & Baby Sunny Picnic Set


Lay out the picnic blanket and bring out the fun with the Sunny Picnic Set. Fennec Fox sister, Jasmine, and baby, Caleb, have planned a very special day in the sun with everything they need: a pushcart, blanket, fox-shaped buns, donuts, bananas, and a flask of hot cocoa. Pushcart basket can be removed to make room for baby to ride along. 

Includes: sister and baby Fennec Fox figures, stroller, picnic blanket and basket, insulated flask and cups, and an assortment of treats

Calico Critters have been around since 1985 and they are as wholesome as ever. We love Calico Critters for boosting emotional intelligence through imaginative play. These mini furry friends get your kiddos exploring different families, hobbies, and jobs within the incredibly detailed world of Calico Village. Each family set includes a charming backstory of the characters printed on the box. 

Ages:  3 years+