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Djeco Craft Kit - DIY In The Air Bowls


A comprehensive creative kit to create two unique and stunning paper bowls.
With just paper and glue, children can let their imagination run wild and bring their own unique design to life.
The kit comes with everything a child needs to make two bowls in different sizes, perfect for storing small treasures or as decorative pieces around the home. The practical plastic palette lets children release the glue with ease, ensuring they can focus on creating their design without any mess.
The bowl moulds are transparent, allowing children to see where they're gluing the confetti and build their illustration the way they want. The step-by-step instructions included make it easy for kids to create their own paper bowl masterpiece.

Contents: 2 bowls (2 sizes: 9cm x 12cm), 2 tubes of liquid glue, 1 palette, 1 brush, lots of illustrated paper confetti and 1 sheet of step-by-step instructions.

Box size: 20 x 20 x 7cm.  Ages:  7 years+