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Djeco - Little Memo Game


Welcome to the exciting world of the mischievous tortoises!
These cute creatures love to eat and play in the garden, where they have hidden delicious fruits and vegetables for their snack time. Can you find out which tortoise hid the carrot or radish?  This fun and educational game is an introduction to observation and memory games for toddlers.

This game is perfect for improving visual memory, colour recognition and observation skills. With lovely animal figurines, children can immerse themselves in the story of the game.

The sturdy, premium materials used are easy for little hands to use, including jumbo dice, thick card, and soft-plastic figurines. The simple, easy-to-understand rules and short duration of the game are tailored to suit little attention spans.

Approximate playtime: 10 minutes. Players:  2 to 4.  Ages: 2.5 - 5 years.