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Djeco Pomea Doll Rocker Bed


Introducing the perfect solution for naptime and quiet time with your little one's baby doll. With its gentle rocking motion, the baby doll is sure to drift off to sleep in no time.
Designed with convenience in mind, this rocker is lightweight and easy to transport with its handy handles. Its compact size makes it easy to store away when not in use, and the quilted cover is machine washable at 30°C, ensuring that it stays clean and fresh.

Whether children are playing house or simply want to comfort their baby doll, this rocker is the perfect accessory for them. The gentle rocking motion helps to soothe and calm, promoting a peaceful and restful naptime for both children and their beloved doll.

Includes: 1 wooden and metal baby rocker and 1 quilted cotton cover.

Size:  36 x 23 x 15.5cm.  Ages:  2 years+