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Djeco The Mouse And His Friends Multi Craft Set


This comprehensive set offers six different activities, each providing hours of crafting fun and the opportunity to learn different creative techniques. With everything provided, children can take on each activity at their own pace and curiosity.

The included booklet displays step-by-step details for each activity, guiding children as they create. They can enjoy card collage, felt collage, magic colouring, water colouring, scratch cards and Colour Stop.  As they complete each activity, they'll learn about colours, shapes, sizes, and volume.

Not only is this set great for solo play, but several children can create together, making it perfect for birthday parties or classrooms. 

Collage: 1 illustrated card, 1 pre-cut board made of thick card and 1 tube of glue.
Felt collage: 2 boards to be decorated and 4 sheets of self-adhesive felt pieces.
Colour Stop: 4 illustrated sheets, 1 stencil and 4 coloured pencils.
Water colouring: 1 card with a layer of white and 1 water-filled pencil.
Colouring reveal: 3 cards to be coloured, with a magic coating.
Scratch card: 3 cards and 1 wooden tool.
1 step-by-step instruction booklet.

Box size:  29 x 23 x 6 cm.  Ages:  18 months