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Do It Yourself - Stylish and Golden Bracelets Craft Kit


An arts and crafts kit for creating all sorts of coloured bracelets from handmade paper beads. Children cut the patterned sheets into strips, which they roll around a stick and glue down. These beads are then ready to be threaded onto the elastic cord to create pretty jewellery!  The set makes over 400 beads – enough for dozens of bracelets!
Includes an assortment of colourful and golden charms to make jewellery even prettier.

Includes: 20 sheets of patterned and gold paper (19 x 19 cm), 6 wooden sticks, 1 gold elastic cord (4.2 m), 1 blue elastic cord (4.2 m), 12 assorted charms (e.g. butterflies, dragonflies, shells, flowers), 1 glue stick, 1 colour step-by-step instructions booklet.

Box size:  Box 20 x 20 x 3.5cm.  Ages:  7 years+