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Do It Yourself - Sweet Fashionista Purse & Coin Purse Kit


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A creative kit for making a matching purse and coin purse set in faux leather. Using a pencil, children rub the decals to transfer them to the purses: they can follow the suggestions provided or make up their own designs. Then they assemble each purse using the screw clasps and add the pompom, wrist strap, and pretty faux leather decorations.

Includes: 2 faux leather purses (1 large 19 x 12.5 cm and 1 small 10 x 7 cm), 2 sheets of over 100 decals, 3 screw clasps, 4 faux leather pieces, 1 pompom, 1 golden wrist strap, 1 set of instructions.

Ages: 6 years+