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Hape - Window Bird Feeder


With sturdy and strong suction cups, you simply stick the feeder to the outside of your window, fill it with birdseed and wait for your feathered friends to show up! It’s strong enough to hold the weight of the seeds, jostling from the birds and gusty winds.

Made of sustainable bamboo and plant based plastic, it’s an eco-friendly bird feeder to help instill a sense of environmental stewardship in your children. Its smart design includes gutters to allow rain to flow away from the feeder, and a roof to keep squirrels away.

The feeder includes a notebook for children to take journal notes of birds that visit the feeder – their colours, songs, behaviour and more. They’ll learn to take organized notes and use logical thinking, along with nurturing a love for nature.

Size:  4.8 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches