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Hard Cover Book Of Amazing Trees


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Discover the incredible world of trees in this interactive, fun-filled guide for young readers, where fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations abound on every page.

Did you know that gingko trees have been around since before the dinosaurs? Or that trees can communicate with each other through fungi in the ground? The Book of Amazing Trees is a comprehensive guide for young readers, covering the basics of tree anatomy, photosynthesis, the role of flowers, and more, while sharing amazing facts from the most up-to-date research about trees.

Young nature-lovers can put their knowledge to the test with interactive quizzes, detailed seek-and-find scenes, and hands-on activities, like how to grow a tree from a seed yourself. 

Size:  72 pages.  25.53 x 1.14 x 24.38 cm.  Ages:  8 - 12 years