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Kisses: A Lift-the-Flap & Sliding Parts Board Book


With lift-the-flaps, pull tabs, and sliding pieces, this interactive, sturdy-page book is the perfect book for newborns or any young child! 

Birds, ducks, elephants, bees, and parents and a child all share different kinds of kisses. Cheek kisses, butterfly kisses, air kisses, and good night kisses.

Size: 16 pages, 8" x 8". Ages: 3-5 years.

In a garden full of flowers

five bees fly through the air.

They say, "BUZZ, BUZZ, SMOOCH.

Here's a tulip we can share."

In the house a little child

gets ready for the night.

Everyone says, "HUG, HUG, KISS.

Sleep tight till morning light."