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Lite-Hawk Lil' Tom Evo Remote Control Vehicle


 LiteHawk LIL’ TOM is ready for adventure! Designed as a Rock Crawler, it’s over sized wheels along with High Travel Suspension can easily navigate through rough terrain. It’s twin motor setup, delivers robust power to the front and rear axles - all controlled by you with the included 2.4 Ghz Controller! LIL’ TOM sports a Heavy Duty Roll Cage that protects components in case of a roll over. Easily take your next adventure Off-Road with confidence - LIL’ TOM is an awesome 4x4!
   Raining outside? LIL’ TOM is very happy zooming across floors in your home - it will be even happier if you make a small Obstacle Course for it to play on!


  • 2 Channel Fully Digital 2.4 Ghz Control puts you in control! Play together with up to 80 models at the same time without the fear of losing connection!

  • Steering wheel can be installed to suit both left and right handed drivers

  • Fully assembled and ready for adventure!

  • Indoor and Outdoor use

  • 20 Minute Run Time!

  • 4 wheel drive

  • Screw on body panels

      Box size:  12 x 8 x 8".  Ages: 6 years+