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Lottie Doll - Pandora's Box


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Lottie loves caring for animals and is a fantastic helper at The Branksea Animal Shelter. One drizzly night a mysterious box showed up on the shelter doorstep with a hungry and scared Persian cat inside. Lottie falls instantly in love and spends hours delicately nursing her fluffy friend, Pandora, back to health.

Since her launch in 2012 Lottie has proven to be an aspirational role model for young children. She’s fun and educational, but also possesses a child-like body and dresses in typical child fashion to be age appropriate. Lottie has received 19 awards in the USA, Canada, and UK while winning the hearts of many along the way. She’s the perfect addition to any family. 

Size:  7.5".  Ages:  3 years+