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Micro Classic Scooter


Go 'green' with this combination of speed, comfort and good looks specially designed for commuting, running errands and keeping up with the kids. The cool, retro design and smooth glide make it especially fun to ride and an ergonomically-designed low deck allows riders a more comfortable upright stance. You will be able to see and feel the quality Swiss design and engineering in every element of the MICRO Classic Scooter. The over-sized wheels made of the highest quality PU are not only smooth and quiet but fast as well - think maximum distance with minimum effort! Padded foam handle grips help smooth out those sidewalks. For easy parking and grab-and-go convenience, the MICRO Classic Scooter features an innovative 2-way kickstand and with MICRO's patented double-button folding system, collapsing and transporting is a breeze. The MICRO Classic Scooter boasts a weight capacity of 100 kg and adjustable height handlebars extend an additional 30 cm from the lowest setting for added safety and comfort.

Ages 10 years+