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Micro Deluxe Speed Scooter


MICRO has taken the popular Speed model and added even faster wheels and a wider one-piece handlebar.

The MICRO Speed Deluxe also has a wider deck (almost 13 cm), and together with the big grip tape, makes for sure footing, great for hopping off and on again. The handle grips of the MICRO Speed Deluxe are made of highest quality non-toxic materials, helping smooth out those sidewalks! Rounded rubber plugs on the end of the handle bars mean the Speed Deluxe will resist damage if it is dropped to the ground, and the smooth edges help to prevent injuries. For grab-and-go convenience, the Micro Speed Deluxe features an innovative 2-way kick stand. It makes parking your scooter quick and easy.

MICRO's patented one-button folding system makes storing the MICRO Speed Deluxe a snap and over-the-shoulder straps and scooter bags are available for maximum portability. We love the subtle clay colour.

The MICRO Speed Deluxe is made to last, with a modular construction that means every part is replaceable. Kickboard Canada maintains a comprehensive Parts and Repair Service to fix and replace parts that might wear out.

Ages: 10 years+